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Commissioning A Portrait:



1-To get your name on my wait list Contact me with portrait size you want. Be ready to tell me all about your pet's story.  I like to now who I'm painting!

2-Next, start sending me photos at the highest resolution possible. The clearer the photo the more detailed the painting! Send several if you want. It helps to know your pet better. I can help you decide on a picture if you need help.

Look for good face shots with visible eyes.

3-I will contact you when I begin the painting and throughout the whole process!

4-Payment is due only after painting is done to your satisfaction*.  I will send you a picture of the finished painting for your final approval. Once you've approved, I will send you an invoice for payment. I will ship the painting as soon as payment has been received.


*Credit/Debit Only.  A 20% deposit is requested on orders over 16x20

Complete Form Below:

I will be in touch with you to get all the details. Send your pictures to


Your details were sent successfully!

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